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Native Oregano - Prosthanthea Ovalifolia

Native Oregano - Prosthanthea Ovalifolia

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Prostanthera Ovafolia - great native alternate for the introduced oregano species. It like many other Australian herbs comes with a more earthy under tone but don’t let that stop you trying out this taste herb.

A yearly trim will help produce more flowers and leaves.

Uses: The leaves can be used straight from the plant or dried for later use. A great addition to many baked items including breads, veggie bakes, casseroles, or fried with your preferred meat or tofu. A useful plant used fresh as a garnish, in a dressing, blended in a dip or use as refreshing herbal tea.

This shrub which will grow to around 2m, is not only just useful but produces a stunning display of purple flowers will will attract our pollinating friends.

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