Chocolate Lily - Arthropodium Strictum

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Chocolate Lily - Arthropodium Strictum

Chocolate Lily - Arthropodium Strictum


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The Chocolate Lily, also known as the Nodding Chocolate Lily or Vanilla Lily, is a captivating Australian native that will tantalise your senses with its unique fragrance and charming beauty. This versatile plant offers ornamental appeal, culinary potential, and ecological benefits, making it a welcome addition to any garden.


    • Ornamental: The Chocolate Lily adds a touch of elegance and fragrance to gardens, borders, rockeries, and containers. Its compact size makes it suitable for even smaller spaces.
    • Culinary: The young tubers can be eaten raw or roasted, offering a slightly sweet flavor. The flowers can be used as a decorative garnish or infused in syrups for beverages.
    • Wildlife: Native bees, butterflies, and birds are attracted to the fragrant flowers, promoting biodiversity in your garden.

Growing and Caring:

    • Climate: Thrives in warm temperate to subtropical climates, tolerating light frosts.
    • Soil: Prefers well-drained, sandy soil but adapts to most soil types.
    • Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade provides optimal growth and flowering.
    • Watering: Water regularly during active growth, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Reduce watering during dormancy.
    • Fertilising: Apply a light application of slow-release native fertilizer in spring for better flowering.
    • Propagation: Dividing established clumps or sowing seeds in autumn are the most common methods.


Expect the Chocolate Lily to reach around 0.2-1m tall at maturity.

Additional notes:

    • The plant dies down to tubers during summer, so don't be alarmed if it disappears! It will re-emerge with the cooler weather.
    • The chocolate scent is most noticeable when the flowers are crushed or warmed by the sun.

With its alluring fragrance, delicate beauty, and interesting history, the Chocolate Lily will add a unique touch to your garden, leaving you wanting to discover more about its magic.