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Apple Berry - Billaderia Scandens

Apple Berry - Billaderia Scandens

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Billardiera scandens, also known as Apple Berry, is a climbing vine with small oval leaves and bell-shaped flowers. It produces small green berries that turn yellow or red when ripe.

Food Use:
- The ripe berries of Billardiera scandens are edible and have a sweet, slightly tangy flavor. They can be enjoyed raw or used in desserts, jams, and preserves.

Growth Height:
- This climbing vine can grow up to 3-5 meters (10-16 feet) in height, with slender stems that require support.

Care Instructions:
- Plant in well-draining soil in a sunny to partially shaded location.
- Provide a trellis or support structure for the vine to climb.
- Water regularly, keeping the soil moist but not waterlogged.
- Prune as needed to control growth and promote bushiness.

- Billardiera scandens, or Apple Berry, is native to Australia and can be found growing in various regions across the country.



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